101 Best RIP Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! (2024)

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Are you looking for a tattoo that will display your grief over a departed loved one? Then here are some amazing RIP Tattoo ideas for you to check out.

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We normally write R.I.P or ‘Rest in Peace’ beside somebody’s name when they have passed away and we want to wish them a peaceful afterlife.

While remembering them in different memorial events, we also pay tribute to them by saying or writing ‘In Loving Memory of…’. These are respectful ways of talking about somebody who we loved, admired, looked up to, and whose soul has left this earth.

There are often a few deaths that we can never get over in our life. These may be the death of our parents, grandparents, siblings, very close relatives, best friends or even of our pets. You will find that many people choose to remember them fondly, in subtle ways like getting a tattoo.

If you miss someone terribly and want to keep their memory in your heart alive always, the best way to do so would be to get a RIP tattoo that will remind you of them.

Lovely And Minimal RIP Tattoo Ideas

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RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo) or memorial tattoos are often the consequence of a sombre event like the death of a loved one. If you are someone who is naturally inclined towards minimal or simple tattoo ideas, then you may want to look at a simple or minimal RIP tattoo design.

You can also draw some inspiration from the RIP tattoo design in the picture above especially if you are looking for dad tattoos or bird tattoos. . The tattoo artist has done a beautiful job of drawing up a memorial tattoo for the father of the wearer. The sweet and colourful bird along with the flowers are pointing towards a deep connection the father may have had with the bird. This is a lovely way to show your love and knowledge for the person who has passed away.

‘In Loving Memory’ Tattoos With Sweet Phrases Or Words

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Sometimes, people also get ‘In Loving Memory’ tattoos inked along with a sweet phrase or some words in their RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoos). The addition of those meaningful, deep words to the RIP tattoos will make the tattoo more poignant and solemn.

Wonderful RIP Tattoo Ideas With Floral Motif

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We often place flowers on the grave of the person who has died to show that we remember, love, cherish and honour them. In different cultures, people also bring flower bouquets to the funeral as a sign of respect for the departed one. Consequently, if you are looking at RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo), then you may also want to add flowers to the RIP tattoos to make them more beautiful and meaningful. Some people add roses such as a red rose to their RIP tattoo while some others prefer to use flowers beside roses to their RIP tattoo.

If you need some inspiration regarding flower tattoos to be added to your Rest In peace tattoos, then check out these beautiful Lily of the Valley tattoo designs.

Unique RIP Mom Tattoo Ideas

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If you are looking for mom tattoos or RIP grandma tattoos, you can also draw your inspiration from the tattoo design above. This tattoo is a sweet tribute to a mother or a grandma along with their death date tattooed on the body to remind the wearer about the day that their mom or grandma left earth forever.

The death of a mother can hit very hard. Consequently, you can choose large RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoos) for your lower or upper arm. You can also look at smaller RIP tattoos in case you want a more minimal tattoo design for your mom.

Sweet RIP Tattoo Ideas To Remember Someone Forever

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RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoos)

If you are looking for cool RIP tattoos for women, then you can definitely use the design in the picture above. The wearer has gotten an infinity symbol inked on their arms to show that life always continues even after the soul has left the body. Just like her, you can also add bird tattoos, feathers and the dates in Roman numerals to your memory tattoos to make them even more special. These RIP as Rest In Peace tattoo ideas will be perfect if you are looking for some unconventional tattoo ideas.

Colourful RIP Tattoo Designs

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Although the passing away of a loved one is always a sad event, it does not mean that we should always be gloomy or sad about it. In fact, in many cultures, people send their loved one’s souls to heaven by celebrating with cheerful music and dance. They feel that life should be joyful and colourful so that the departed one can enjoy their afterlife as well. If you want to apply the same philosophy to your RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo), then you should definitely add some colourful ink to your RIP tattoos. There are plenty of amazing tattoo artists who are quite experts at putting colourful ink on the body. Such a colourful RIP tattoo design will also look great on women.

Lovely Memorial Tattoo Ideas For Your Pet

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A lot of people don’t realize it but sometimes, our pet can also become an important family member who is just as loved and cherished as others are. Losing a pet can be a truly heartbreaking event as you lose a faithful companion for a long time. Consequently, many people also get RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo) in loving memory of their pet dog or pet cat. If you are looking for RIP tattoos for your pet, you can be inspired by the RIP tattoo in the picture above.

In the picture above, the RIP skin tattoo by the owner of a beautiful cat named Salem is immensely attractive and eye-catching. The wearer has gotten Salem inked in a very cute, casual position and has also added the death date along with some stars on their upper arm.

101 Best RIP Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! (9)

If you are looking for minimal RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo) for your beloved pet dog, then you can use the picture above as an example. The wearer has gotten a lovely paw print as their skin RIP tattoo along with the birth year and death year of their beloved pet dog Shorty. This might be a minimal and small RIP tattoo but they are still quite elegant.

Lovely RIP Dad Tattoo Ideas For Daughter

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RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo) RIP tattoos

The bond between any dad and their daughter is truly unique and lovely. Consequently, if you are looking for equally unique RIP tattoos which will act as a lovely memorial tattoo for your dad then you can take some inspiration from the dad tattoos above. The wearer has gotten the outline of her and her dad during her graduation ceremony and has added his birth date and death date as well in the memorial tattoo. In addition to that, she has also added his name and a few sweet words to show her love for her dad. If you are looking for some really lovely memorial tattoo designs for your dad to place on your arms or your chest, then you can definitely check out these tattoo ideas.

RIP Cross Tattoo Ideas

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You will find that a lot of RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo) have a Cross which alludes to their religious faith and beliefs. The symbol of the Cross is quite prevalent in Christianity. Many gravestones often hold the Cross symbol as well to signify that the departed soul has been blessed by God. If you are looking for RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoos) for your devout Christian grandma, then you can also choose a Cross RIP tattoo for the perfect RIP grandma tattoo.

RIP Tattoo Designs With Angel Wings

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For followers of Christianity, people often believe that angels come and take the beloved family member or friend who has passed away. Therefore, a lot of people also add angelic wings to their RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoos). As seen in the picture above, the wearer has kept their loved ones’ memories intact in a remarkable way. They have written the initial of their loved one and added angel wings beside it along with the birth and death dates inked in black ink. Getting these RIP tattoos (Rest In Peace tattoo) tattooed with angel wings would be an excellent idea if you are a follower of Christianity along with a Cross tattoo.

If you are looking for more tattoo ideas with the angel motif, you should check out these amazing Angel tattoo ideas.

Lately, more and more people have been looking for tattoos that are deeply meaningful and personal. Consequently, they are also getting RIP tattoos or memorial tattoos to keep the memory of a loved one alive in their heart. Therefore, if you miss someone terribly and want to carry a small symbol of them with you, go ahead and look at the best RIP tattoo ideas to find the one for y

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What does rip the flag tattoo mean?

There are a few different interpretations of the meaning of a rip the flag tattoo. One popular interpretation is that it represents patriotism and loyalty to one’s country. Another interpretation is that it symbolizes defiance or rebellion against authority. Whatever the specific meaning of a rip the flag tattoo, it is generally seen as a positive and powerful symbol.

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101 Best RIP Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe! (2024)


What is the best tattoo for a rip? ›

RIP tattoos depicting symbols like a ribbon wrapped around a cross, or including the dates of someone's life, are a beautiful way to remember someone you lost. Wings and a halo are also appropriate designs for RIP tattoos.

What is the tattoo for grief? ›

Anchor tattoos

An anchor is a traditional tattoo which works well as a memorial tattoo. Firstly, it could represent a love of the ocean or life at sea, but more symbolically it conveys strength, stability, and the notion of anchoring a living person to someone who has died.

What tattoo for overcoming struggle? ›

A tattoo symbolizing overcoming might include imagery of obstacles being conquered, such as mountains or rough seas, or it may feature Phoenix, the mythic bird that symbolizes rebirth and rising from ashes after defeat.

What tattoo to get to remember a loved one? ›

Birth Flower Memorial Tattoo

Getting a birth flower is a great example of a simple tattoo for lost loved ones. It can be private, so you only know what it means unless you choose to share it with others.

What is the symbol of a lost loved one? ›

Butterfly. Butterflies are associated with resurrection and the soul, and some people believe that butterflies represent our deceased loved ones, according to Gardens With Wings. A butterfly tat is a nice way to remember a relative or friend, especially one who loved the insect themselves.

What is the most regretted tattoo? ›

The types of tattoos people regret most are lettering/script (19%), symbols (16%), names (12%), animal designs (10%) and tribal tattoos (9%).

What is a good symbol for grief? ›

Some of the symbols of death and mourning included: anchor = hope; heart = charity/love; cross = faith; weeping willow tree, urn = mourning; seed pearls = tears; ivy = fidelity; bay lear = I change but in death; balm = sympathy; convolvulus = eternal sleep; harebell = grief; pansy = always thinking of you; red poppy = ...

What is the mourning symbol? ›

To this day, some symbols of mourning remain, such as the use of the black ribbon, which has spread to social networks to accompany the news of a death; the same as placing flags at half-mast in case of a tragedy due to war, attacks, or natural disasters.

What Colour Symbolises grief? ›

Black. The idea of black as a mourning colour is believed to have emerged during Roman times. The colour has long been associated with death and loss and is still a common mourning colour today.

What tattoo symbolizes sobriety? ›

One of the most recognizable sobriety symbols is the equilateral triangle. It is often synonymous with Alcoholics Anonymous (a worldwide fellowship of individuals who come together to support one another in achieving and maintaining sobriety).

What is a trauma tattoo? ›

These so-called tattoos are the scarring or embedding of foreign material that occurs after accidents, such as car crashes or explosions. Road rashes are a type of traumatic tattoo, which occurs when the outer layers or even deeper layers of flesh end up shredded and torn away by friction contact with the rough road.

What is the anxiety tattoo? ›

One common tattoo that symbolizes anxiety is the semicolon tattoo. Semicolon tattoos are thought to be a visual representation of hope and the continuation of life. For a tattoo that can symbolize freedom from anxiety, some people opt for a tattoo of birds breaking free from a cage.

What is a rip tattoo? ›

The keyword "rip" in tattoo symbolism typically refers to "rest in peace." It is a tribute to a loved one who has passed away and serves as a way to honor their memory and express grief. RIP tattoos often feature dates of birth and death, the name of the deceased, or other sentimental elements.

What is the most spiritual tattoo? ›

Mandala. The mandala design is one of the most popular symbols in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle and symbolises the universe in its ideal form: balanced and full of joy. Mandala spiritual tattoos are a symbol of the wearer's life journey and are one of the most unique tattoo styles.

What is a mourning tattoo? ›

A meaningful tattoo in memory of a loved one is a permanent reminder that even though someone has passed away, you will always remember them. Take a look at these best memorial tattoos in remembrance of a loved one.

What tattoo represents recovery? ›

Lotus Flower: A Recovery Symbol

As a sobriety symbol, the lotus flower embodies transformation, resilience, and inner growth. Those are some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of addiction recovery.

What tattoo symbolizes the loss of a child? ›

Angel wings

A tattoo of angel wings symbolises guidance, protection, hope, and faith, but also the sense of loss. Another meaning associated with angel wings is of rebirth and reincarnation - making them very fitting an meaningful for a miscarriage tattoo.

What does a tattoo of a tear mean? ›

A teardrop tattoo is a small tattoo in the shape of a teardrop near one or both eyes. It is closely associated with gang and prison culture, where it often indicates one has served time, one has been humiliated, or one has killed.

What tattoo means abuse survivor? ›

More specifically, some people get a medusa tattoo to indicate that they are a survivor of sexual violence and to symbolize their own empowerment.


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