Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)

Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (1)

  1. Talk to the archaeologist at the Bedabin Camp, the quickest way to get there is using Ali Morrisane’s flying carpets. He’ll tell you about a stone tablet he found and he asks if you would like to take it to the Digsite for examination for him. Agree and he will give you the tablet.

    Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2)

  2. Go to the Digsite east of Varrock, once there head south into the Digsite Examination area, there you find the expert who “Magically” becomes Terry Balando. Talk to him and he will take the tablet, he says talk to him in a minute after he has finished translating the tablet. Talk to him again and he will give you the notes.
  3. Before Heading back to the archaeologist, bank, and withdraw, in Notes, 12 Magic logs, 6 Molten glass, 6 Steel bars, Ashes, Charcoal, 1 Blood rune, and Bones. Noting these objects, especially bones stops mistakes which could lead to losing the items. Now head back to the archaeologist and give him the book, he’ll offer you a 50/50 share of the treasure if you help him find it, accept. He says he’ll look around the camp for more clues and asks you to heads south to the bandit camp.
  4. Do NOT take anything Saradomin or Zamorak related into the camp or all of the bandits will attack you. Talk to the barkeeper and buy a beer (for 650gp) and ask about the 4 diamonds.
  5. Next, speak to Eblis eastern building of the bandit camp and ask about the “Four Diamonds of Azzanadra” he’ll ask you to get 12 Magic logs, 6 Molten glass, 6 Steel bars and for the spell he wants Ashes, Charcoal, 1 Blood rune, and Regular bones.
  6. Give him the items by using them on him (be careful with bones if you forget to note them). When you have given him all the items he’ll tell you to meet him in the east. Go a bit south and east until you come upon some mirrors. Talk to Eblis.
  7. He tells to look through the mirrors for the locations of the 4 diamonds but there’s a catch. There are 4 diamonds and 6 mirrors.
    North mirror: The ice gate you see when doingTroll Romance.
    North east mirror: Canifis.
    North west mirror: Picnic area, near Moss giants, near Fishing Guild.
    South west: Bandit Camp in the desert.
    South East: In the desert down a well.
    South: The pyramid.

Obtaining the Ice diamond

Items Needed: Chocolate cake, Super restore potions, Spiked boots, Food for the battle (Sharks are highly recommended! – boots are required if you haven’t completed Eadgar’s Ruse).

If you have completed Eadgar’s Ruse, use Trollheim Teleport to reach the ice gate. If you have not done the quest, you must walk from >Burthorpe. This method of travel requires that you wear climbing boots.

Instead of super restore potions, you can instead bring Prayer potions and regular Stat restore potions, this a cheaper alternative but can take up a little more room.

Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (3)

  1. Head north of Trollheim and go to the Icy gate. Talk to the troll child, he’ll be crying and it’ll say he needs something sweet. Give him the Chocolate cake and he’ll tell you that a bad man froze his parents because they “stole” his diamond.

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  2. Warning: Icy area lowers ALL stats (this includes Cooking etc), so take Super restore potion; it also lowers your special bar and energy to 0%. Go through the Icy Gate and go to the other side. There is a cave entrance that is blocked off. Kill 5 Ice trolls and it will open for you. Attack the Level 124 Trolls, as they are easier to kill.
  3. It is recommended that you teleport here; it allows you to restock on items you used to kill the trolls.
  4. Follow the path around past the Wolves (level 132 [USE PROTECT FROM MELEE, THEY CAN HIT CONSTANT 15’s]) to Kamil (level 154), he attacks using Ice Barrage (Magic) and melee. Kamil is a challenge to kill as he can teleport next to you, freeze you, and melee you. It is advised to use protect from melee. Eat and drink potions when he uses magic (More often in the first half of the battle) because you cannot attack when he freezes you. Fire Magic is recommended here, wearing Splitbark for the melee defense while still having a magic attack bonus is recommended. An alternative is mystic robes with dragon hide legs (Preferably Black) to give you a good magic attack bonus as well as magic defense bonus. Fire Bolt with the Family Crest Chaos gauntlets is helpful, since using Fire Bolt means you require a lot less restore potions as it requires a lower magic level to cast; you may need to use quite a lot of restores if you use Fire Blast. Watch out for lowering stats, however, if you are auto-casting the spell and it falls below the required Magic level, you will need to reset the auto-cast option which may be difficult while Kamil melees you.

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  5. Once you kill Kamil, he will drop a Super restore potion (4) and 2 Chocolate cakes; use them to avoid using your own supplies. If you are low on food, teleport out now, you WILL take damage on the Ice path. It is recommended for this part to turn your RuneScape screen setting to DARK, as this shows the path you’re supposed to be taking a lot easier. Put on your Spiked boots, climb up and follow the path around, using food when you fall. Falling causes 2 Hp loss, and the icy wind also damage you 1 Hp every once in awhile.

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  6. You will find 2 trolls locked in ice, smash them open, these blocks have 10 Hit points each. Once you free them, you will be taken back to the gates, follow the dialogue screens and the trolls will give you the Ice diamond. Congratulations, perhaps the hardest enemy in the quest finished!

Obtaining the Blood Diamond

Items Needed: Garlic, Silver bar, Spice, Pestle and mortar, Food, and Prayer potions. (Dragon halberd, Ranged equipment, or Mage equipment recommended)

  1. Go to the Canfis Pub and talk to Malak the vampire. He will offer you the Blood diamond in exchange for killing Dessous.
  2. After speaking to him, take a silver bar to Ruantun in Draynor Dungeon. He will make you a Silver pot.
  3. Bank everything except the pot and go to Entrana. Speak to the High Priest and he will bless the pot for you.
  4. Head back to Canfis, and take the Silver pot, Spice, Garlic, and Pestle and mortar. Speak to Malak and he will tell you that you need to first add fresh blood. He then hits you for 5 damage to fill the pot. Now crush the Garlic with the Pestle and mortar and add that along with the Spice to the Silver pot.
  5. If you have done In Search of the Myreque, go behind the pub and down the trapdoor. Go through the tunnel and out the large doors at the end. You will be in the swamp. Head southwest and follow the path shown in the picture above to get to Dessous.

    If you have not done In Search of the Myreque, then you will have to take the long way through the swamps. Go out the north exit from Canifis and go south, follow that path around as shown in the picture below to reach Dessous.

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  6. When you have made it to center the graveyard, use the Blessed pot on Dessous’s tomb to lure him out and attack him with Air spells. Dessous changes his style of attack depending on which prayer you use. He will attack with Magic and Ranged if you turn on Protect from Melee, and vise versa. Because he has a strong melee attack, it is advised to turn on Protect from Melee. Once you have killed him, return to Malak and he will give you the Blood Diamond.

    Note:When you try to mage or him from behind the fence he will teleport next to you. If you do this 3 times or run away, Dessous will return to his tomb and you will need to obtain a new Blessed pot.

Obtaining the Smoke diamond

Items Needed: Facemask, good Weapon, Dragonhide armor, Food, Prayer potions, Tinderbox, Ice gloves (If you wish to use a weapon agianst Fareed), and a few Energy potions or Strange fruits.

  1. East of the mirrors is the dusty well, near Pollivneach. Be sure you have your Facemask on before entering, and NEVER take it off while inside the well. (You take 20 damage every few seconds while in the well without the Facemask).

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  2. Go to the middle, square shaped room and attempt to open the chest. It tells you that you must “Light the path to claim the key”.
  3. In each corner of the dungeon there is a torch you must light with your Tinderbox. Quickly light the torches, as they will eventually burn out. It is recommended you start on the east side, and follow the numbers on the map.

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  4. Once all the torches are lit, run back to the square room and open the chest for the warm key. If you cannot open the chest, you did not light the torches fast enough.
  5. Now go back to the eastern side of the dungeon. Enter the gate and Fareed the fire demon will appear. He uses Melee and Magic attack styles. Using Dragonhide and Protect from Melee is recommended. Remember that you must wear Ice gloves in order to be able to wield a weapon. If you choose to mage him, Water spells are recommended.

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  6. Once the demon is dead, he will drop the Smoke diamond.

Obtaining the Shadow Diamond

Items Needed: Food, Lockpicks, Antipoisons, Waterskins, Shantay Pass.

Fighting Damis: A full inventory of sharks or prayer potions; your best armor and weapon – It is highly recommended to kill Damis from behind the stalagmite at the northern safe spot shown in the map below using ranged or magic to make this fight much, much easier as he cannot hit you.
If you would prefer to melee Damis, then you must make sure you keep Protect from Melee active at all times. Damis’ second form will drain 2-4 Prayer points with every hit (even 0s), so make sure you drink Prayer potions to keep your prayer active otherwise he is capable of hitting over 25.

  1. Talk to the merchant named Rasolo outside the house near the moss giants West of the Fishing Guild in Hemenster. He’ll tell you about the Shadow diamond and proposes a deal that if you get his Guilded Cross he’ll give you the ring that’ll allow you to see the guardian and his lair.

    Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (11)

  2. Head to the Bandit Camp in the desert and enter the most southwestern tent. Inside the tent, you will find the chest containing the Gilded cross. Use your Lockpick on it and your character will attempt to open the chest. If you fail, you will be poisoned and your lockpick will break. Once you have successfully unlocked the chest, open it and take the Gilded cross.

    Note: Make sure you are not wearing any Saradomin or Zamorak item when setting foot in the camp or you will constantly be attacked by Bandits (level 57). The easiest way to reach the Bandit Camp is by taking a flying carpet ride from the Shantay Pass to the Bedabin Camp and then running south.

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  3. Once you have unlocked the chest open it up, take the cross, and head back to Rasolo. He will give you a Ring of Visibility in return. If you ever lose your Ring of Visibility just talk to Rasolo again to get another.
  4. In the picnic area to the east a ladder will appear when wearing the ring, climb down and work your way through the maze to Damis.

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  5. Once inside Damis’ Lair, use the above map to reach him. Once he spawns, turn on Protect from melee and lure him to the safe spot (see below) and proceed to attack him.

    Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (15)

    How to lure into the safe spot:In order to place yourself in the safe spot shown above, you must lure Damis to the northern part of the cavern to the yellow square area marked on the map above. Be careful not to get too far away from him or he will lose interest and disappear, also you should keep auto-retaliate off. When you are close to the area, attack a giant bat (or a rat) making sure that it is between you and Damis. Walk into the alcove to the east, the bat/rat should stay one spot to the southwest of you and Damis should remain south of the bat. Once Damis is in place, you may step out one spot west and begin maging/ranging him. You will be attacked by giant skeletons, so protect from melee is still advised. Alternatively, a friend could help kill them for you. Be careful that nobody steps in the same space as the bat/rat or it will break the safe spot.

  6. When you’ve defeated his first form, he will transform into his second, much stronger form. Kill him and pick up the Shadow diamond, then get out of the dungeon.

    Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (16)

The Stranger

If you are carrying a diamond around during the quest, a level 95 stranger may attack you. He uses a Dragon dagger (p) and attacks very quickly and specials often. Dispose of him anyway you see fit.

You should note that this does not happen to everyone, although for your safety it is recommended that you carry an antipoison in your inventory when you are carrying a diamond.

The Pyramid

Items needed: Boots of lightness, 8-12 Energy potions (4), 1-2 Prayer potions (4), 1 or 2 pieces of Food, Antipoisons. You want to keep your weight under 0 or as close to 0 as possible. Just turn run on and Protect from Melee prayer. Drink energy/prayer pots when needed. Mummies will not hit through your prayer and your low weight will minimize the times you fall out.
If you have a Camulet, use it to Teleport close to the Pyramid.
Note: Refer to ourDesert Treasure Pyramid Mapfor help getting through.

  1. After you have all 4 gems head back to Eblis he’ll tell you they unlock the pyramid to the south.
  2. Go down to the pyramid and place each gem on its corresponding obelisk, doing so opens the pyramid up, go to the top and enter.
  3. As you go down, the levels get progressively harder, Always keep run on as it lowers the chances of falling outside.

    Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (17)

  4. The 4th level is the last level. Work your way to the middle room and speak to the spirit Azzanadra and he’ll grant you knowledge of the Ancient Magicks!

    Quest Complete!

    Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (18)

How to change spells, from ancient to regular spells and visa versa. After you have completed the quest you will be able to cast new spells, such as teleports to places like Ice Mountain, the graveyard in Level 19 Wilderness, Canifis pub etc, you will also get new attack spells. You can get a new staff by killing Mummies in the pyramid or by buying one off Eblis (at the 6 mirrors) for 80,000gp.

If you want to switch back, so you can cast the regular spells, you will need to go back to the pyramid. Don’t worry; you won’t need to go all the way through it again. Just go to the back of it, go through the tunnel.

When you went through the tunnel you will get into the room where you completed the quest. Here you will see a altar.

Now you just need to click on the altar and you will get your regular spells back. If you want to use the ancient spells again just click on the altar again. Now just step through the portal or teleport away.

Desert Treasure Quest Guide OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)


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