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  • Intro
  • What Does The Ring Of Wealth Do?
  • The Imbued Ring Of Wealth
  • How Do I Get A Ring Of Wealth?
    • Crafting A Ring Of Wealth
  • Charging The Ring Of Wealth
    • The Fountain Of Rune
  • Ring Of Wealth Misconceptions
  • The Disadvantages Of The Ring Of Wealth
  • The Ring Of Wealth Glitch
  • FAQs
    • Question: Is there any other item that can replace the Ring of Wealth?
    • Question: Can I make money charging Rings of Wealth at the Fountain of Rune?
    • Question: Why can't I sell my Ring of Wealth on the Grand Exchange?
  • Conclusion


When you first get your hands on that sweet, sweet OSRS membership, there are many things veteran players recommend you do. Quests to complete, minigames to play for specific rewards, and essential items to purchase.

The Ring of Wealth is one such item.

With the word wealth in the name, you can probably figure out that the Ring of Wealth will help you accumulate more of those precious Runescape gold pieces. But how and in how many ways? Quite a few, actually. Over the years, there’s been much confusion on what it does and does not do for players.

Let’s delve into how this piece of jewelry can help make you rich in Runescape.

What Does The Ring Of Wealth Do?

The Ring of Wealth debuted in Runescape in April 2004 and quickly reappeared with the release of Oldschool Runescape in 2013.The Ring of Wealth is a staple item in Runescape and has received several updates/buffs over the years that have improved the value it brings to players that wear one. It provides no combat bonuses but has several other uses that make it a must-have item for all OSRS players.

The Ring of Wealth’s primary utility is its’ ability to alter players’ chances of acquiring rare drops. Specifically, items from the Rare Drop Table.

Each monster in Runescape has a drop table unique to them. But many monsters share a generic Rare Drop Table as well. The RDT has three sub-categories: Standard, Gem, and Mega-Rare. When you roll the RDT, you have a chance of getting items from one of these sub-categories. However, you don’t have a guarantee. The RDT contains empty slots, so even if you roll the RDT, there’s a chance nothing will drop. If you’re not wearing a Ring of Wealth, that is.

By wearing a Ring of Wealth, you remove all empty slots from the RDT, of which there are many. That gives you a much higher chance of landing something from the Gem or Mega-Rare drop tables. Without a Ring of Wealth, you’ll have no chance of getting some rare drops. If you have started Legends Quest, you’ll have an even greater chance of getting a Mega-Rare drop.

You only need to be wearing the Ring of Wealth when a monster dies for it to do its’ magic. That means you can use a combat-oriented ring for most of the fight. I wouldn’t recommend this when killing standard monsters as that would be excessive, but for bosses, it’s useful.

Ironmen benefit the most from the Ring of Wealth. Thanks to it increasing the chances of getting Mega-Rare drops, it becomes easier for them to get a Shield left half. Creating a dragon square shield in West Ardougne is a task for the Ardougne Hard Diary. Since Ironmen can’t just buy the shield halves, the Mega-Rare drop table is their only option.

The charged Ring of Wealth has several teleport options that you can utilize. They are:

  • Grand Exchange
  • Falador Park
  • Miscellania
  • Dondakan

Any player can freely teleport to the Grand Exchange or Falador Park. Teleporting to Miscellania and Dondakan requires the completion of the quests Throne of Miscellania and Between A Rock… These teleports work up to Level 30 Wilderness, so it’s nice to keep one handy when you’re out in the deep wildy.

One of the newer features of the Ring of Wealth is its’ auto-currency pickup feature. After right-clicking any Ring of Wealth and toggling on this feature, you will automatically pick up any coin, numelite, or tokkul drops from monsters. Is this going to make you millions of GP? Of course not. But every bit helps, and if you partake in semi or full-blown AFK combat training, this feature will pick up your slack.

Ring of Wealth OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (1)

If you’re a fan of bossing, the Ring of Wealth will be one of your best friends. For some odd reason, a piece of jewellery with no inherent combat bonuses contains a boss log (You’d think an item like the Combat bracelet would do this instead).

By accessing the Boss Log, you can see every kill and kill streak you’ve had on every boss in the game. For those of you hunting a specific boss pet and over the median KC required to get said pet, this feature might be a painful reminder instead of a useful tracker.

The standard Ring of Wealth has one last quirky feature. While wearing it, you increase the range of feather drops by the Evil Chicken after killing him. Instead of a range of 100-200, it becomes 150-250. That’s totally random but sure. Why not, right?

Finally, a Ring of Wealth is necessary for one of the many potential steps in a Master clue.

Notice how a few paragraphs up, I referred to the Ring of Wealth as the standard version. That’s because there’s an improved version called the imbued Ring of Wealth.

The Imbued Ring Of Wealth

Ring of Wealth OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (2)

With 50K coins and a ring of wealth scroll, you can imbue your Ring of Wealth into a Ring of Wealth (i). If you’re a clue scroll hunter, you’ll definitely want one of these. The Ring of Wealth (i) doubles the chances of obtaining clue scrolls in Wilderness areas. Butonlyin Wilderness areas.

The most use you will get out of this feature is likely from Hellhound Slayer tasks. Hellhound drops are notoriously awful, so much that it’s tempting to skip/block them as a task.

Their one saving grace is that they’re an excellent source of hard clue scrolls (Especially if you have completed the Hard Combat Achievements). Killing Wilderness Hellhounds with an imbued Ring of Wealth is the best way of farming these clues.

Be aware that if you die with an imbued Ring of Wealth, it will disappear and convert into 50K coins.

How Do I Get A Ring Of Wealth?

Ring of Wealth OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (3)

You can buy a Ring of Wealth from the Grand Exchange or other players. You can also craft Rings of Wealth yourself. No monsters in the game currently drop this item. If you’re an Ironman, making one is your only option. And it’s easier said than done.

Crafting A Ring Of Wealth

You first need to get your hands on a Dragonstone ring. There are a couple of ways of obtaining a Dragonstone ring outright, like it being a potential Elite clue scroll reward. You also have a decent chance of getting one from the Shades of Morton minigame. I’m pretty sure only about 12 players play that minigame, though.

You are better off making it yourself, in my opinion. Elite clue scrolls have hefty requirements, and Shades of Morton has a relatively high recommended combat level requirement. Both methods are gambles, whereas there’s a guaranteed method to get what you need.

Ring of Wealth OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (4)

Making a Dragonstone ring requires a gold bar, ring mould, a cut dragonstone, and Level 55 Crafting. The gold bar, ring mould, and Crafting level are easy enough for Ironmen to obtain.

The cut dragonstone is the hardest part.The best way to get a cut dragonstone is by cutting an uncut dragonstone yourself. And the best way to get that is through Taverley’s Crystal chest. The Crystal chest contains various rewards, but an uncut dragonstone is a guaranteed reward from it.

You can open the crystal chest with a crystal key. To obtain one, combine a Tooth half key and a Loop half key. Any monster with access to the rare drop table can drop these two items. Ironically enough, having a Ring of Wealth makes obtaining these two key halves much easier.

Once you have all the items you need and 55 Crafting, make a Dragonstone ring at any furnace. The last leg of the process is the toughest: enchanting it.

Creating your Ring of Wealth will require the Level-5 Enchant spell. You need Level 68 Magic to use it as well as 15 earth runes, 15 water runes, and a single cosmic rune.

Level 68 Magic isn’t too steep of a requirement that it will take a century to get, but don’t expect to reach it quickly. Especially as an Ironman.It should go without saying, but to clarify, unless you’re an Ironman, you have no reason to go through this hassle. Just buy a Ring of Wealth.

Successfully enchanting your Dragonstone ring will give you a Ring of Wealth. Now you need to charge it. Sorry Ironmen, the struggle isn’t over quite yet.

Charging The Ring Of Wealth

The Ring of Wealth stands out amongst its fellow Dragonstone jewelry for being far more restrictive in its charging options. The Amulet of Glory, Skills Necklace, and Combat Bracelet each have numerous locations where you can charge them. You can also use Charge dragonstone jewelry scrolls or the Recharge Dragonstone spell on them.

The Ring of Wealth is a lot pickier. There’s only one way to charge Rings of Wealth: the Fountain of Rune.

The Fountain Of Rune

The Fountain of Rune is in level 47 Wilderness in a ruined building roughly south of the Wilderness volcano. It can recharge all dragonstone jewelry to max charges. In the case of the Ring of Wealth, that is five charges.

Ring of Wealth OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (5)

The Fountain of Rune is dangerous as PKers might be around trying to kill players using the Fountain (Likely hoping one of them has an Amulet of Eternal Glory).The safest way to get to the Fountain of Rune is doing it on a F2P world. You can’t use it unless in a members world, but there’s nothing to stop you from traveling there in F2P.

Players who have completed the Wilderness Hard Diary will have the easiest time using the Fountain of Rune. They can choose which Obelisk they want to go to and do so by picking the Teleport to Destination option.

They can also teleport straight to the Fountain once per day (Or an unlimited amount of times with the Wilderness sword 4). For everyone else, use the Wilderness lever in Edgeville and walk from there.

Ring of Wealth OSRS Guide - Rune Fanatics (6)

For the quickest escape, use the nearby Wilderness Obelisk to get below level 30 Wilderness so you can teleport to safety. If you get sent to the Obelisk in level 35 Wilderness, you can opt to run into level 30 territory.

Alternatively, you can immediately hop back to a F2P world and take the long way back to safety. If you go down this route, you might want to bring some F2P-friendly food like Swordfish, just in case.

Using the Fountain of Rune to charge Rings of Wealth isn’t worth the effort or risk, in my opinion, unless you’re an Ironman. By selling an uncharged Ring of Wealth on the GE, it won’t take much money gold to purchase a fully charged version. If you go to the Fountain of Rune and get PK’d, you’re out of several hundred thousand gold and all your rings.

Ring of Wealth chargesonlymatter for teleporting. So, if you’re not in a hurry to use any of the teleports it provides, an uncharged variant will do the job.

The Ring of Wealth sure sounds like a bit of a hassle. Is that hassle worth it?

Ring Of Wealth Misconceptions

There’s a lot of false information about what the Ring of Wealth does. Allow me to take this opportunity to clarify some things.

  • The Ring of Wealth doesNOTincrease the chances of hitting the Rare Drop Table when killing monsters. It only makes it better when you hit the RDT.
  • The Ring of Wealth doesNOTinteract with a monster’s unique drop table. You will get the rare drop message in the chat box even if it’s from a monster’s unique drop table, but the Ring of Wealth did not play a role in that item dropping.
  • The Ring of Wealth doesNOTincrease the chances of getting better loot when completing clue scrolls. It would be understandable if you thought this was the case since once upon a time, Jagex moderators themselves did too.

The Disadvantages Of The Ring Of Wealth

The Ring of Wealth immediately teleports me to my favorite place in the game, the Grand Exchange. The other teleports also come in handy, and the Boss Log is nifty for bossing enthusiasts (Or a painful reminder of how many kills you’ve gone without getting a unique drop or pet). But it’s not a perfect piece of jewelry. Notice that all the pros I mentioned are not combat-related.

That’s because as a combat ring, the Ring of Wealth mostly sucks (In 2022).

If you’re clue scroll hunting, wearing a Ring of Wealth (i) while farming in Wilderness areas is a must. If you’re an Ironman, unless you get lucky, you’ll want a Ring of Wealth to get that shield left half from the Mega-Rare drop table sooner rather than later (But once Ironmen get that drop once, they’ll never need the Ring of Wealth while fighting ever again). Besides those two scenarios, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a Ring of Wealth in combat.

The cool thing about OSRS is it maintains the old-school aesthetic of the Runescape from our childhoods while being regularly updated with content to keep it from getting stale. But of all the things Jagex has modernized, there’s one thing they haven’t: the Rare Drop Table.

Getting something like a Dragon spear in 2011 would call for a celebration. But in 2022, no one cares. A Dragon spear is worth just over 30K. A Shield left half is about 65K. Don’t shower me in luxury too much, Jagex.Due to the lack of updates to the RDT, it’s no longer a hype aspect of combat in Runescape. The mega-rare drop table might be the biggest misnomer in the game because there’s hardly anything deserving of that distinction.

Is the auto coin-collection function handy? Sure. But unless you’re a bot farming for thousands of hours, you’re not getting big bucks from any coin drops. That alone doesn’t make the Ring of Wealth worth wearing over something like a Berserker ring. Until Jagex updates the RDT, the Ring of Wealth’s combat viability is niche and limited.

The Ring Of Wealth Glitch

Long ago, in the year 2011, there was a glitch involving the Ring of Wealth. It wasn’t around for long, but it didn’t need to for players to exploit it and get billions of GP worth in loot.

On March 15th, 2011, Jagex updated the Ring of Wealth. Less than an hour after the update, players discovered a unique feature of the Ring of Wealth. While in LootShare mode, the effects of everyone’s Rings of Wealth stacked on top of one another. That allowed players to obtain the rarest items on a monster’s drop table quickly and frequently. Many players exploiting the glitch targeted the Corporal Beast during the brief time the glitch was active. It resulted in sigil drops on every kill.

If someone asks me what I’d do if I had a time machine, I’m not saying exploiting this glitch would be a priority, but it’d still be on my list.

Jagex fixed the glitch within an hour and surprisingly didn’t do any rollbacks or mete out any player punishment. Players who exploited the glitch likely never had GP problems ever again.


Question: Is there any other item that can replace the Ring of Wealth?

Answer: Nope! Its’ functionality and interaction with things like the rare drop table and clue scroll drop rates are one of a kind.

Question: Can I make money charging Rings of Wealth at the Fountain of Rune?

Answer: You can, but it’s not worth the effort or risk. If you plan on making some money at the Fountain of Rune, do Amulets of Glory instead. You have a chance of getting the insanely valuable Amulet of Eternal Glory, which debatably makes it worth the risk. I can only recommend trying this if you have access to the Wilderness sword 4 for the unlimited Fountain of Rune teleports.

Question: Why can’t I sell my Ring of Wealth on the Grand Exchange?

Answer: How many charges does it have? Only uncharged or fully charged Rings of Wealth can be bought/sold on the GE or traded.


I remember the first time I got a Dragon spear drop, thanks to my Ring of Wealth. I got it before I knew how to flip items effectively, so it did wonders for my cash stack.

Since a large part of OSRS’s appeal is the nostalgia factor, I do very much miss getting excited about RDT drops. And I would love for Jagex to modernize that dang thing.

I don’t expect them to buff the Ring of Wealth to alter the drop rates of monsters’ unique drop tables. That would be too much work and probably make the item overpowered. It would likely spike up the prices of items needed to craft one. That would make crafting other Dragonstone jewelry more painful with no increased benefit.

But that’s the thing; they don’t even need to go that far. Just give us some drops worth a couple of hundred k and maybe 1 item worth a couple million. It would be an incredible feeling to get something that valuable as a low/mid-level player and might make it worth using again as a high-level player (At least when doing Slayer tasks on monsters with poor unique drop tables).

Luckily, OSRS has regular community polls and discussions on suggested updates to the game. So we might be able to make this Ring of Wealth buff happen. It’s a bit of a long shot, but still worth a try.

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