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  • Looking to take your business online? #TruckPaper can help you set up your own e-commerce website hassle-free! Get started today! ➡️ https://www.truckpaper.

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  • The site is always up and loads faster. Further, the site is well connected and it is easy for a person to navigate Truck Paper website. One of the many ...

  • Learn the good and the bad of the highest circulation paper dedicated to the buying and selling of commercial trucks.

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5. 1970 Mack DM800 22k front/80k rears on truckpaper -

  • 12 mei 2019 · It doesn't cost anything to pay attention. Link to comment. Share on other sites ...

  • Talk about a stout truck.

6. What do the inside of the cabs look like? Pictures? - Class A Drivers

  • Go to and look through the ads of class 8 trucks with sleepers. 06-07-2007 06:15 PM by Sealord. Tractors. Go to a heavy truck dealership ...

  • New Truck Drivers: Get Help Here - What do the inside of the cabs look like? Pictures? - Just curious what the living quarters are like? I've never seen the inside of a truck and am trying to envision DH living in one. Well I've seen them on Trick My Truck but I can't imagine they all look like that. DH has a friend

7. What do these numbers mean re Freightliner and Volvo trucks?

  • 6 jul 2006 · Can anyone give me an idea of what the letters and numbers mean that are used as a truck description here:

  • Can anyone give me an idea of what the letters and numbers mean that are used as a truck description here:

8. Best site to advertise a truck for sale? - Truckers Report

  • 26 jan 2021 · But if you are a first time seller on truckpaper, they used to offer your first listing free. Not sure that still applies. It seems that it ...

  • Could anyone recommend what is the best site to post a truck for sale?

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10. Volvo model numbers? - Truck Conversion & Toterhome Community

  • 13 sep 2003 · When I look at, there are quite a few that I haven't ... Truck paper info varies . Dealers will be happy to email pictures to ...

  • I was wondering if there was somebody on here (Larry, where are you?) that has good understanding of the Volvo model numbering system? When I look at

11. heavy haul question - Trucking & Driving Forums - Class A Drivers

  • 5 dec 2009 · What is a "spreader bar" and how does it let you run "quad, 3+1 or 2+2"? 1995 KALYN / SIEBERT Double Drop For Sale At

  • Owner Operators Forums - heavy haul question - Was crusin' for deals when I saw this ad. What is a "spreader bar" and how does it let you run "quad, 3+1 or 2+2"? 1995 KALYN / SIEBERT Double Drop For Sale At

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  • Peterbilt and Kenworth Semi Trucks For Sale from Post your semi truck/trailer for sale on Truck Paper by clicking the link below:

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  • 21 jun 2019 · I saw trucks around $20000 with around 800000 to 1mil miles on them, which made sense to me. But then i saw trucks around that price with ...

  • I saw trucks around $20,000 with around 800,000 to 1mil miles on them, which made sense to me. But then i saw trucks around that price with 200,000...

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Truck Paper Com (2024)


How many miles is too much for a semi-truck? ›

4. Maintenance and Preventive Care. A semi-truck can last between 500,000 to 750,000 miles with regular maintenance and preventive care.

Does truck paper charge a fee? ›

Setup is FREE and there are no monthly fees.

How long does a semi-truck last? ›

Average Semi Truck Lifespan

A semi truck, on the other hand, lasts upwards of 750,000 miles – and some semis have hit the million mile mark! When you consider the average mileage of 45,000 miles per year, that means you can expect around 15 years for your trusted truck.

Which semi-truck engine lasts the longest? ›

The Cummins engine, which is a popular engine choice for heavy-duty trucks, has by far the finest reputation. Cummins engines are renowned for their dependability and effectiveness. The torque produced by smaller engines was insufficient in the past, but new developments have greatly improved this.

What is the clean truck port fee? ›

Clean Truck Fund Rate

The rate for nonexempt trucks is $10 per twenty-foot equivalent unit — a standard measure for a 20-foot-long cargo container — was set in March 2020 by the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach to encourage the trucking industry to invest in cleaner vehicles and reach zero emissions.

How much is the standard truck order not used fee? ›

Generally ranging from $150-$300 per truck for standard TONU charges, your costs may vary. Specialized truck and trailer bookings incur higher TONU fees. These fees start at $500, especially for over-dimensional or overweight shipments. Additionally, you'll cover any permits obtained for your freight movement.

How do you charge for trucking? ›

Go to a load board (or several) and select 10 comparable loads. If the price is not posted, contact the brokers and add 10% to 15% to get the price brokers charge shippers. For each load – divide the miles by the posted rate to calculate rate per mile. Determine the average truck freight rate.

Why do truckers leave engine running? ›

Idling a truck refers to the practice of leaving the engine running while the vehicle is stationary. This can occur for various reasons, such as during rest breaks, loading and unloading goods, waiting at traffic signals, or even simply keeping the cab comfortable for the driver.

What credit score do you need to buy a semi-truck? ›

Key takeaways

A semi-truck loan often requires a credit score of at least 600 or more, depending on the lender. SBA loans are backed by the government and may offer better interest rates and longer repayment terms.

Is 500000 miles a lot for a semi? ›

Semi trucks, unlike cars, are built to endure long distances and heavy loads. This means that while the average car lasts about 200,000 miles, a typical semi truck can last up to 750,000 miles or more, with some reaching the one million mile mark.

What mileage is too high for a truck? ›

The 100,000-mile mark is often cited as the point at which you should no longer consider purchasing a used truck. But there are plenty of trucks that'll last for a lot longer than this. In fact, it isn't uncommon at all for well-maintained trucks to last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles these days.

How many miles until a truck is bad? ›

Most experts advise against buying a used truck with over 100,000 miles, as major repairs and the replacement of significant components may become a regular occurrence.

How many miles is too much for a used box truck? ›

However, trucks that have been driven between 50,000 and 100,000 miles can still be good options if they have been well-maintained. Anything over 100,000 miles is generally considered too high, as the truck is more likely to have significant wear and tear. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.


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