Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay - Your 2024 In-Depth Guide (2024)

Those unfamiliar with Kentucky may only equate the Bluegrass State with derbies, bourbon, and fried chicken.

However, adept adrenaline junkies know that near the state’s famous fairgrounds lies one of the South’s premier parks. Follow along to learn everything you need to know about Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay!

From rousing roller coasters, including the tallest ride in the state, to refreshing plunges into the Mile High Falls, every inch of this theme park guarantees thrills. Even tiny tots can still get in on the action as they spin on the magical Mad Hatter in kid-friendly King Louie’s Playland.

With 70 scintillating rides and attractions, Kentucky Kingdom is one awesome amusem*nt park you can’t afford to miss while taking family vacations in Kentucky.

About Kentucky Kingdom

Curious to know more about this Louisville theme park? Formerly known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, this 67-acre sprawling oasis of water rides, roller coasters, and attractions has been entertaining families for over three decades.

Back in 1977, the Kentucky State Fair Board announced plans to break ground on a brand new park on the grounds of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. Construction was eventually completed, and Kentucky Kingdom opened to the patiently waiting public in 1987.

Unfortunately, the park’s success was short-lived as it went bankrupt after one year. Reputable businessman Ed Hart swooped in and purchased the park and reopened it in 1990. Hart successfully ran the park for many years and eventually sold it to Six Flags at the 1998 seasons end. Today the park is owned by the Kentucky State Fair Board and operated by Herschend Family Entertainment.

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When to Go

Got your heart set on a thrill ride aboard the Giant Wheel or Lightning Run? Plan your day to royal perfection when you consult their official Kentucky Kingdom calendar and check out the most up-to-date Kentucky Kingdom hours.

Wondering what time does Kentucky Kingdom open? Depending on the day and date, the park opens between 10-11 a.m. and closes between 7-8 p.m. As always, weekday and non-holiday visits will result in fewer crowds and lines. Kentucky Kingdom busy days can be expected during the middle of summer on weekends.

Kentucky Kingdom Tickets

Ready for some down-home deep-fried Kentucky fun? Don’t waste precious moments waiting in line. Instead, pre-purchase your discount Kentucky Kingdom tickets ahead of time and dive straight into hours of world-class amusem*nt.

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Whether you want to get soaking wet on slippery water slides or soar high on the Flying Dutchman, we provide a variety of admission tickets:

1-Day General Admission– features admission for one day to both Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay

2-Day General Admission– features admission for two days to both Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay

For some serious savings, bundle your Kentucky Kingdom tickets with room nights in a Kentucky Kingdom package!

Kentucky Kingdom Season Passes

Can’t get enough of the Bluegrass Bakery’s world-famous Cinnamon bread or the soaring heights of T3? If you think you’ll need a repeat performance of Kentucky Kingdom’s greatest hits or didn’t get enough time at Kentucky Kingdom water park, why not upgrade your General Admission ticket to either a Silver or Gold Season Pass? Simply complete this transaction on the day of your visit before you leave the park premises.

Kentucky Kingdom Season Pass holders are afforded a wealth of wonderful benefits, including:

  • Unlimited Visits to Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay
  • Free Parking
  • Discounts on food, retail, and cabanas
  • Free Bring-A-Friend Tickets
  • Exclusive access to the park and pass holder events* like pumpkins at Kentucky Kingdom
  • And more!

*Certain pass holder benefits are applicable only to Gold Season Pass holders. Check your Kentucky Kingdom pass portal for a full list of benefits.

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Kentucky Kingdom Rides & Attractions

Wondering how many rides are at Kentucky Kingdom? More than 70! Experience cruisy water slides, classic bumper cars, and raucous wooden coasters to create endless amounts of awesome amusem*nt park entertainment.

From kid-friendly options to high-stakes thrills, we’ve got the pulse on Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay’s can’t miss attractions:

  • Lightning Run – steel yourself for the heart-pounding thrill of this 10-story coaster featuring a 100 ft, 80-degree drop!
  • Mile High Falls – forecast says it’s going to pour! Prepare yourself for a dynamic drenching on one of the world’s tallest spill rides.
  • Giant Wheel – soak in panoramic views of downtown Louisville and the hilltops of Iroquois Park on this classic Kentucky Kingdom Ferris Wheel ride.
  • Thunder Run – wooden roller coaster fans unite! Post almost $1 million in refurbishments; this exhilarating ride is back, featuring negative airtime and a 74-foot drop.
  • T3 – suspend your fear and try not to lose your lunch on this suspended looping coaster with five gravity-defying inversions.
  • Mad Hatter – it’s tea time! Enter a world of magical mischief when you spin round and round in these oversized teacups.
  • Flying Dutchman Kentucky Kingdom – travel to the Netherlands when you sit inside a giant whimsical flying wooden shoe!
  • Big Surf – surfs up! Head to the best wave pool this side of the Mississippi and get ready to experience swells of up to 6 feet!
  • Wave Runner – unparalleled aquatic excitement awaits Hurricane Bay guests on this triple bump speed slide.
  • Adventure River – this is no ordinary lazy river! Brace yourself for a wild river water ride as you experience the currents and rush of this winding water adventure!
  • Deep Water Dive – this Kentucky Kingdom yellow slide needs no introduction. Drop 121 feet at a breathtaking 70-degree angle with only 3 seconds to mentally prepare!
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Kentucky Kingdom FAQ

Kentucky Kingdom Parking Cost

The Kentucky Kingdom address is 937 Phillips Lane Louisville KY, United States 40209

Whether you’re a tourist or a Bluegrass State local, you’ll need to ensure epic parking on the day of your visit. For the easiest access to both parks, enter the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) via Gate 2 or 4. The KEC charges a parking fee of $10.00 per car or $20.00 per bus. All Season Passholders are eligible for free parking on the day of their visit.


Nothing can stop a day of theme park festivities faster than a tired toddler. Let little feet rest when you bring your own stroller or opt to rent within the park.

Can You Bring Food Into Kentucky Kingdom

While outside food and drink may not be allowed on the park premise, you’ll never go hungry at Kentucky Kingdom or Hurricane Bay. Both parks contain a cornucopia of delicious cuisine options:

  • Bluegrass Bakery – satisfy that sweet tooth with a hearty helping of world-famous cinnamon bread. Choose from toppings like apple butter and bourbon glaze and wash it all down with an ice-cold Starbucks Coffee beverage.
  • Swampwater Jacks – need to refuel with a real meal? Then, head to this Bayou-based favorite for tasty burgers, fresh salads, chicken tenders, personal pizzas, and more!
  • Taco Tequila – located in Hurricane Bay, this Mexican-inspired eatery dishes up awesome artisanal tacos.
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What Can You Bring Into Kentucky Kingdom

Don’t let an errant blister or drained phone battery cast a dark cloud on your day of sunshine and smiles. Instead, guarantee a day of blissful Kentucky Kingdom memories when you come prepared. Curious about the Kentucky Kingdom bag policy? You’re in luck! Bags are allowed and will be checked by security at the gate.

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Set yourself up for success when you pack your very own amusem*nt park essential bag with our must-have items:

  • Portable phone charger
  • Water bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Bathing suit + change of clothes (if planning on visiting Hurricane Bay Kentucky Kingdom water rides)
  • Poncho, raincoat, or jacket (weather* dependent)
  • Bandaids
  • Stroller (if required)

*Speaking of weather.. wondering what the Kentucky Kingdom Weather policy is? Guest safety is the highest priority. Some rides may be closed due to inclement weather. Typically rain checks are not offered, but if the majority of rides are closed due to dangerous weather, they may grant rain checks at their discretion.

Nostalgic rides on a giant Ferris Wheel, 360-degree spins on the Eye of the Storm, and crystal clear Wave Lagoons. Come spring, there is nothing more enticing than a day of outdoor excitement at KK or Hurricane Bay.

From the simple pleasure of devouring soft serve ice cream to riding sky high with the Flying Dutchman, kids of all ages will experience royal perfection at Kentucky Kingdom.

So don’t wait; plan your escape to this land of Louisville thrills today!

Tell Us, What Ride Will You Conquer First?

Leave us a comment below!

Written by Isis Maya Nissman

A New York native, Isis-Maya spent most of her professional life working in TV production until a vacation whisked her away to Central...

Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay - Your 2024 In-Depth Guide (2024)


Can you bring a vape into Kentucky Kingdom? ›

Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes) is permitted only in designated areas and never in restrooms, dining areas, amphitheaters, or anywhere else in the park. Guests may bring their own strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs into Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay.

Can you buy Kentucky Kingdom passes at Kroger? ›

Season Passes at Kentucky Kingdom are now $99.95. purchase your season pass at Kroger.

What to wear to Kentucky Kingdom? ›

This is the information I found on their website: DRESS CODE: You must wear shirts and shoes at all times while at Kentucky Kingdom, except when inside the Hurricane Bay water park. Proper swimming attire is required at Hurricane Bay.

Why did Kentucky Kingdom close? ›

The park went bankrupt after one season, and was reopened in 1990 by businessman Ed Hart. Due to loan payment challenges, Kentucky Kingdom was sold in 1998 to Six Flags, which operated it until closing it in 2009.

Can you take food to Kentucky Kingdom? ›

Can you take food into Kentucky Kingdom? Outside food and drinks, including alcohol, are not allowed inside the park, along with coolers and picnic baskets. Kentucky Kingdom is home to more than two dozen dining options, though, from full restaurants to dessert vendors and a beer garden.

Do they serve beer at Kentucky Kingdom? ›

Kentucky Kingdom open this weekend with new food, beer options.

How much does it cost per person to go to Kentucky Kingdom? ›

Kentucky Kingdom offers single-day and two-day admission price options to match your length of stay: One-Day General Admission − Single-day ticket prices range from $29.99 to $49.99 depending on the day of the year. Discounts are available for children ages 4-9 and seniors ages 62 and older.

What age is free at Kentucky Kingdom? ›

Do kids under the age of 3 get a free pass? No, but children 2 and under can enjoy FREE admission to Kentucky Kingdom all season without a pass or ticket.

How many rides are at Kentucky Kingdom? ›

Spanning over 67 acres, Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay offers family-friendly entertainment with over 70 rides and attractions – including five World-class roller coasters, two giant wave pools, and one of the largest selections of children's rides in the region (King Louie's Playland).

What are the best days to go to Kentucky Kingdom? ›

The least busy and best days to go to Kentucky Kingdom are Monday & Tuesday.

Does Kentucky Kingdom close when it rains? ›

Kentucky Kingdom is all about providing unlimited fun for our guests. Unfortunately the weather doesn't always go our way. The Sunshine Guarantee allows us to keep the good times rolling even if persistent inclement weather closes the majority of our rides for a 90-minute window on the day of your visit.

Does Kentucky Kingdom have an app? ›

The Great App for Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay for iOS - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.

Is the roller coaster at Kentucky Kingdom closed? ›

Under new park ownership, the roller coaster was refurbished and renamed T3, which reopened to the public as T3 on July 3, 2015. The ride closed permanently following the 2022 season.

Did Kentucky Kingdom get rid of T3? ›

Thrill seekers will have one less ride at Kentucky Kingdom starting the 2023 season. The Louisville theme park announced in a press release on Friday, April 28, it is retiring the popular T3 roller coaster. The inverted coaster opened nearly 30 years ago in 1995.

Is Kentucky Kingdom open in 2024? ›

Opening Day Was May 11!

Guests joined us for Kentucky Kingdom's Opening Day 2024 to be one of the first to take to the skies on world-class coasters or to enjoy BIG fun for little ones in King Louie's Playland, where you can play all day on more than a dozen pint-sized attractions.

Can you bring Vapes into stadiums? ›

All guests are prohibited from smoking (including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or similar products) inside of the stadium and outside of the stadium within the security perimeter at any time.

Are Vapes allowed in Animal Kingdom? ›

For the comfort of all Guests, Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex are smoke free. The smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes or other products that produce a vapor or smoke is allowed only in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Are Vapes legal in Kentucky? ›

Kentucky LAWS & TAXES

It is unlawful for a person who has not attained the age of 21 years to purchase or accept receipt of or to attempt to purchase or accept receipt of a tobacco product, alternative nicotine product, or vapor product.

Can you bring a vape into Six Flags New England? ›

Six Flags allows smoking, including electronic cigarettes, only in areas identified as designated smoking areas. All other areas in the parks are smoke-free, and smoking is strictly prohibited.


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